Ross Video launches XPression Brand-it Automated Channel Branding

IROQUOIS, ONTARIO –Ross Video has introduced XPression Brand-it, an automated, rules-based branding workflow server built for multichannel environments. Created in cooperation with VDS, Brand-it has tight integration with automation and traffic systems, and provides maximum ‘look ahead’ into playlists.

“With so many broadcast and digital channels out there, the need for branding has never been greater. It’s no longer enough to just put up a logo bug. Viewers expect dynamic 3D animation, promo clips, audio events, video squeezes and more,” said Brian Olson, director of graphics marketing product management for Ross Video. “With Brand-it, you don’t have to create every possible variation of a branding graphic. All you need is a single template that’s filled with variable data and created on-the-fly. This not only simplifies and automates branding, but also reduces graphics creation, cataloging, storage and management.”

Brand-it can see all of a scheduled playlist, and extract clip IDs, durations and scheduled start times regardless of any schedule changes made up until airtime. This metadata is used to apply rules and populate Brand-it graphic templates with program start times and look-ups into traffic data for ‘air-friendly’ show names.

Brand-it also eliminates the need for multiple, complicated secondary automation events. This simplifies the playlist from the operator’s perspective and overcomes many traffic system limitations. Time offsets from the start of a video clip, from the end of a video clip, and anywhere in between can be used to trigger branding events, and enable highly complex graphics, transitions and automated promos.

Brand-it, which is scalable to any number of channels, uses Ross Video’s XPression BlueBox engine to create real-time 3D graphics. The XPression Project Server provides centralized graphics creation and automated media delivery. User-rights management and automated alerts via email or SMS ensure quality operations 24/7.