Ross Video and VDS Aid SportsNet New York Graphics

IROQUOIS, ONTARIO – SportsNet New York has called to the bullpen to Ross Video and Video Design Software to help the network with its redesigned game day tickers. With the complexity of the graphic designs, SNY required a new graphics system with an improved rendering system.


To do this they chose to pair Ross Video XPression with the GameTrak ticker system from VDS. The GameTrak ticker installed at SNY implements on-air graphics in XPression Studio, while all on-air graphics are generated by XPression BlueBox.

“The XPression suite provides content creation tools needed to implement advanced projects such as the ticker design envisioned by SNY,” said Larry Mincer from VDS. “XPression’s BlueBox rendering engines provide ample horsepower for supporting complex animations and transitions. XPression is also a modern graphics system that provides greater flexibility for future creative changes as SNY identifies new requirements.”

Ross Video is a manufacturer of video production technologies headquartered in Iroquois, Ontario.