Ross Unveils Tria Express Duet Production Server

Ross Video Tria Duet Express
(Image credit: Ross Video)

OTTAWA—Ross is ushering out its Tria Express production server for the new Tria Express Duet server, which is designed to provide more functionality, the company says.

Ross says that the changes from the Tria Express and Tria Express Duet are based on customer feedback from the last five years. The new Tria Express Duet features the same 2RU chassis and video hardware processors as the Tria Express, but it expands the number of possible video I/O configurations up to four channels. 

Two software options are also now available: the TRIA-XD-2-SW that enables two symmetrical record/playout channels; and the TRIA-XD-4-SW, which has the same two symmetrical record/playout channels with two additional playout-only channels.

In addition, the Tria Express Duet features a built-in multiviewer, which can be unlocked and moved onto an extended desktop computer display. Other standard features include timecode chase and single-file architecture for fill/key and ISO-2 video content.

For more information, visit Ross’ website.