Romania’s Studio Video Art hits the road with Echolab switchers

Romanian broadcast production company Studio Video Art is installing standard-definition production switchers from Echolab in two new mobile production vehicles.

The company has integrated Echolab’s Overture1 (1M/E) and Overture2 (2M/E) production switchers in these new trucks, which could be upgraded to HD production in the future. The Overture series switchers can be easily upgraded to multiformat-compatible systems when necessary.

As one of the leading freelance broadcasting companies in Romania, Studio Video Art had previously purchased an Echolab Opera production switcher and liked the performance and customer support. The switchers combine internal conversion and synchronization with key layering and special effects.

Built on the same system on chip (SoC) technology used in the Opera switchers, the Overture1 and Overture2 units accept up to 32 digital and analog signals and output 16 sources without the need for external analog-to-digital converters. Four M/E keys and two downstream keyers enable title keying for graphics, logos and bugs. Unique SuperSource crosspoint keys make it easy to create multilayered transitions with up to four boxes on-screen and without tying up existing switcher keyers. A DVE key in each “take block” enables instant transition effects, and robust DVE capabilities are complemented by as many as 34 internal graphics/still stores.

The Overture systems also feature the Stinger transition, a special keyer with combined mix/wipe and graphic control that reduces complex animated transitions to a single button press. The Studio Video Art technical crew will save time in setting up these transitions, using the Stinger feature to manage timing issues. Like the SuperSource feature, the Stinger transition leaves existing keyers free for other uses.

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