Romania’s Cosmos Television outfits facility with Custom Consoles

Custom Consoles has completed a contract for Romanian broadcaster Cosmos TV. The order consists of a two production control desks, two audio desks plus a master control desk and an ingest desk. All six designs are based on Custom Consoles’ Module-R series.

The furniture was ordered by UK-based systems integrator Broadcast Networks as part of a major expansion of technical facilities at Cosmos Television's premises in Bucharest. All six desks have removable vented front-access panels and rear-access doors.

The largest of the six designs are two seven-bay production control desks with four front-to-back vertical supports. The work-surface of each desk is precut to accommodate the control panel of a Sony MVS8000G HD production switcher. Three 19in rack pods are located at the rear of the desktop, each with 5RU capacity. Three additional 3RU pods plus a 1RU pod are located to the rear of the central worktop area.

The master control desk incorporates five equipment pods to the rear of the work surface and recesses for four control panels precut in the desktop itself. Four of the pods are capable of holding up to 3RU of equipment. The fifth pod, located at top right, has 6RU capacity. The ingest desk has four control panel cutaways, two 6RU equipment pods and three centrally positioned 3RU pods.

The two audio control desks are four-bay structures with a 5RU equipment storage pod at the right and left ends of the work surface and space for a centrally located recessed audio mixing control system.