Roland Announces WEARPRO Mic for GoPro Cameras

LOS ANGELES—With GoPro cameras capturing personal action videos, Roland’s recent announcement of the new WEARPRO mic looks to provide immersive first person soundtracks. Compatible with GoPro’s HERO3, HERO3+ and HERO4 cameras, WEARPRO supports both binaural and standard stereo recording.

Roland WEARPRO Microphone with GoPro camera

WEARPRO’s binaural audio capture technique is able to accurately recreate the way we hear sounds in the environment by placing microphones at each ear. This creates a 3D audio experience with sounds coming from a 360-degree space.

To use the WEARPRO mic, the user wears the microphones like earphones and plugs the cable into the mini-USB port on the HERO camera. The mic is powered by the GoPro; no need for batteries or external power.

The WEARPRO also comes with two clip mounts to attach the mics anywhere. Two windscreens and four rubber sleeve pairs to fit kid and adult ear sizes are also included.