Rohde & Schwarz Updates OTA Test Systems for 5G

COLUMBIA, MD.—5G mobile technology continues to evolve and carve out its place in the industry, now residing in millimeter wave (mmW) frequenciesof 28 GHz, 39 GHz and beyond. As a result, Rohde & Schwarz have provided upgrades to its over-the-air test systems to meet these new challenges.

With mmW frequencies, signal absorption rates are higher, requiring the need for directional transmission/reception to boost gain. To handle this, OTA test systems must handle three-dimensional center-of-beam and off-center-of-beam measurements in a radiate environment, this includes the measuring of EIRP/EIS, beam transit signal quality, beam receive performance, beam acquisition timing and beam tracking performance, and side lobe measurements effecting total radiated power like in-band and out-of-band spectrum emissions related performance.

To deal with this, Rohde & Schwarz is now offering the R&S TS8991 OTA Performance Test System, a single-source turnkey system for wireless testing. The new system includes an anechoic chamber, positioning equipment, antenna (link and measurement) systems, test instruments and automated measurement software. It is compliant with CTIA, joint CTIA and Wi-Fi Alliance and 3GPP test plans. R&S features different sizes for the test system and customizable configurations for size, functionality, frequency range and applications.

R&S plans to showcase the TS8991 OTA test system at Mobile World Congress Americas in San Francisco from Sept. 12-14.