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Rohde & Schwarz releases ETL TV analyzer option for quick evaluation

Rohde & Schwarz’s new R&S ETL-K250 analyzer option delivers a one-stop solution for required DAB and T-DMB transmitter and network RF measurements, optimizing the ETL TV analyzer for T-DMB/DAB transmitter quality assurance, network coverage measurements, acceptance, maintenance and servicing.

The ETL-K250's signal analysis capabilities let transmitter operators, transmitter manufacturers and regulatory authorities selectively detect error sources, enabling real-time corrections. It features a modulation error ratio of greater than 40dB for precision testing of high-grade signal sources such as transmitters and modulators, and channel impulse response and constellation diagrams are created in real time. This lets users swiftly evaluate signal quality on site when performing transmitter and coverage measurements.

The new option also makes all DAB and T-DMB programs and data services visible on the instrument at a glance. An ETI interface can download the demodulated transport stream for further analysis.