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RipCode unveils transcoding workflow manager

RipCode has introduced its new On-Demand Signaling Server, a complement to its video transcoding appliance.

The On-Demand Signaling Server is designed to function as the intelligent network and workflow manager for multiple RipCode transcoding appliances. To address the transcoding needs of video search engines, social networking sites, studios, broadcasters and mobile content providers, the On-Demand Signaling Server provides customers with a video transcoding environment that optimizes the power of the RipCode transcode appliance.

The On-Demand Signaling Server is built to integrate with RipCode’s Client Detection, Ad Selection/Insertion or third-party applications via an open, XML-based API.

RipCode’s On-Demand Signaling Server is a software application that runs on a Linux operating system and is packaged in a 1RU general-purpose server.

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