Riedel provides intercoms for HP Pavilion at San Jose Arena

The production team at California’s HP Pavilion at San Jose Arena is using a complete in-house communications system from Riedel Communications.

Riedel’s Artist Digital Matrix intercom system allows communications throughout the 450,000sq-ft indoor arena during its full schedule of shows. The 20,000-seat arena, which was recently renovated to include Riedel’s intercom system, hosts a number of sporting events and is home to the San Jose Sharks ice hockey team, San Jose Stealth lacrosse team and the San Jose SaberCats arena football team.

One Artist 128 and one Artist 32 digital intercom matrix mainframe is acting as the heart of the installation, administering all audio and communication signal distribution throughout HP Pavilion’s indoor arena. The Artist platform is designed to interconnect multiple matrix frames (nodes) by a dual optical-fiber ring to form a single large full-summing, non-blocking distributed matrix for up to 1024 users, providing a decentralized infrastructure for live audio and intercom applications and saving a considerable amount of wiring and installation costs.

The Artist platform features AES3/EBU broadcast-quality audio throughout the entire system, not only within the matrix but also to the panels, which are connected to the matrix via standard AES3 signal on coax or Cat 5 cables. The Artist 1000 panels also provide a second audio channel, which can be used for audio transport or commentary applications. The panels also provide local GPI/Os that can be programmed systemwide.

For more information, visit http://www.riedel.net/.