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Riedel Intercom Is Hit at RGear Worldwide

RGear Worldwide is a service provider that specializes in communications infrastructure for TV shows and broadcast operations. Our latest projects include two high profile reality TV shows: TV Land's "The Cougar" and ABC's "The Bachelorette – Season 5."

To provide the communications infrastructure for the TV productions that we're involved in, we needed something that was quick to set up and also portable.


Gregg Kita We found what we were looking for in the Performer Digital Partyline intercom system from Riedel Communications. It provided exactly what we were looking for and is tailored exactly to our particular demands. The modular concept of the Riedel Performer makes it the ideal solution even for smaller companies. It makes the excellent Riedel quality available at a great entry price level. This is an advantage that has paid off for us nearly instantly. And if our demands increase, the basic Performer installation can be easily grown to a Performer 32 digital intercom matrix/stage management system, which is geared to the requirements of stand-alone broadcast applications, opera houses and theatres as well as sports and cultural events.

Our typical setup here at Rgear Worldwide usually consists of one Riedel Performer C44plus system interface, two digital Riedel Performer beltpacks, a Riedel RiFace and two Motorola base stations.

What makes the Performer series so interesting for us, is that it's the first fully integrated digital solution for combined digital matrix and partyline intercom. It provides the advantages of a digital communications infrastructure along with the easy operational setup and use of a regular partyline installation.

During production, the director makes use of a Riedel digital partyline beltpack that's connected to the C44plus interface. A Riedel RiFace provides the connection between the wired digital partyline installation and one of the Motorola base station units.

This setup allows the director to wirelessly interface with all camera operators and producers involved in the shoot. We've found that the RiFace is really quite a versatile interface, especially with its capability to interface between wired intercom installations and radio transceivers.

The producers of the TV shows being done here use another beltpack to establish a IFB talkback system with the talent on the set. We're been really happy with our Riedel system and it's been extremely reliable. Also, it gives us the opportunity to quickly adapt to changing scenarios, which is very important in our business.


Right now the shows we produce are shot at a lot of different locations. And some of these venues are less than ideal from an RF interference point of view. This is where Riedel's digital audio really shines.

Even in these worst case extremely noisy environments, our Riedel beltpacks cut right through and excel in supreme sound transmission. This makes production operations a lot more reliable and less fatiguing, as instructions don't have to be repeated over and over because they were blanked out by noise.

Also, Riedel's use of XLR connectors for everything really speeds up and simplifies our setup procedures. And elements such as this provide us with what we need to stay competitive. All in all, our decision to move to Riedel has been one of our best ones.

Gregg Kita is co-owner at RGear Worldwide. He may be contacted

For more information, contact Riedel Communications at 818-241-4696 or