Rhozet offers enhanced universal transcoding software

New functionality includes accelerated transcoding and support for next-generation compression formats.
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Rhozet is now shipping the latest version of its enterprise-level transcoding solution for broadcast and Web professionals, Carbon Coder version 2.0. The new version features a variety of new functionalities, including accelerated transcoding and support for the H.264, MXF OPAtom, JPEG 2000, DPX and AAC video compression formats.

In addition, Carbon Coder 2.0 dramatically accelerates the transcoding process, enabling most common broadcast formats to transcode up to 400 percent faster using multiple processing cores within a single computer.

Other new features in Carbon Coder 2.0 include: Carbon Drop, which streams data from Carbon Coder to Carbon Server for farm encoding; poster frame extraction at markers or time increments; YUV file import and export; improved VOB subtitling and chapter point handling; improved Line 21 and VBI handling; increased audio channel mapping flexibility; and improved watch folder management.

Actimagine is using Rhozet’s Carbon Coder video transcoding technology for online transcoding. Rhozet’s automated transcoding software allows Actimagine’s partners to remotely prepare full-length movies for playback on mobile devices.

Actimagine is the creator of Mobiclip, a patented power-efficient software video codec that enables full motion video playback on low-power devices such as cell phones and handheld game consoles. Various media companies currently use Mobiclip, including Sony Pictures Digital, to provide full-length feature movies on removable memory cards for cell phones.

For more information, visit www.rhozet.com.