RFS supplies antennas, systems for five Arqiva DTV sites

In support of the UK's digital switchover, Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) is supplying broadband antenna systems to transmission provider Arqiva for five more main transmitter sites.

Designed to meet the switchover's new channel allocations and higher-power digital broadcasting requirements, the new RFS systems will be installed and commissioned with network engineering specialists Babcock Networks.

Involving the complete re-engineering of some 1150 sites across the UK, the switchover is a six-year project that will see existing analog television broadcast services switched off and DTV services extended nationwide. The Arqiva sites targeted for upgrade in 2007 are located in those regions scheduled for switchover in 2009.

RFS is initially supplying main and reserve broadband panel arrays, flexible coaxial transmission line, and switch-frames for each of the five sites. The 10 antennas are a mix of four or five-sided cantilevers and radial-fire panel arrays from RFS's horizontally polarized PHP series.

Nine have omnidirectional horizontal radiation patterns (HRP) that closely match existing analog coverage. One is an eight-level, 16-panel per level radial-fire array with a tailored HRP to protect international services. Each broadband antenna system is designed to radiate six combined UHF digital channels.

RFS is also supplying a tailor-made switch-frame for each site. These will support the complex switching combinations of existing analog services (where present), and the main and reserve combiner chains of the six new digital transmitters.

Four lengths of RFS's HELIFLEX air-dielectric coaxial transmission line will support the dual panel arrays (main and reserve) at each site.

For more information, visit: www.rfsworld.com.