RDM’s latest Neocast platform supports both satellite, broadband

Real Digital Media (RDM) has released a fully integrated satellite solution for the company’s Neocast digital signage platform. In partnership with Microspace and KenCast, the new offering enables digital signage network operators to benefit from satellite delivery without having to purchase, deploy or manage additional satellite network infrastructure on-site.

Along with leveraging Microspace's high-speed video, data and audio VELOCITY broadcasting service, RDM has embedded the KenCast Fazzt client within the architecture of its Neocast Media Players. All Neocast Media Players are now satellite-compatible out of the box.

In addition, RDM has enhanced its Neocast Media Server software to integrate with the Fazzt Enterprise Server, which manages the delivery of satellite content at Microspace's Network Control Center. Users of the Neocast digital signage platform maintain control over their network and campaign management demands through the Neocast Media Server, which transparently instructs the Fazzt Enterprise Server when to schedule the delivery of digital content.

For more information, visit www.realdigitalmedia.com/products.cfm?page=ms&menu=ms.