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Rapcohorizon releases new media distribution systems at NSCA

RapcoHorizon will debut its new Media Distribution System models, MDS-108 and MDS-112, at NSCA 2007 (booth #1047) in Orlando, FL. Intended for live media applications such as press conferences where a microphone splitter is needed to accommodate multiple video recorders or cameras, the MDS-108 features eight outputs while the MDS-112 offers 12.

These units feature both 1/4in balanced and XLR input connectors for line-level signals, and can drive several outputs at any given time. All output channels offer ground lift switches and are transformer isolated, with 1/8in connectors on the first two output channels and 20dB pads with ground lift switches on the input section. In situations requiring more outputs, multiple MDS units can be daisy-chained together. Each model's 18-gauge steel box is portable with two carrying handles for convenient usage.

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