Quantum Launches Scalar-based Tape Platforms

SAN JOSE, CALIF.—A new Scalar tape storage platform has been unveiled by Quantum, as well as three products that are based off of it: the Scalar i3, Scalar i6 and StorNext AEL6. These Scalar intelligent tape libraries provide high-density storage with scalability for long-term content protection and preservation.

The Scalar platforms were designed to reduce overall storage footprints and provide flexibility in keeping content for longer periods of time. Quantum’s iLayer proactive diagnostics is also part of the platform for providing diagnostics to maximize library uptime and minimize operational expenses. Additional features include embedded compute capabilities; policy-based data integrity checking and in-library active vaulting; as well as new enhancements like an HTTP-based interface, automated set-up, configuration and management tasks via web services; local user interface design; and interaction via mobile devices.

Specifically, the Scalar i3 is capable of supporting up to 3PB in 12U of rack space and features self-monitoring functions. The Scalar i6 can store more than 12PB in a single rack and comes equipped with Extended Data Lifecycle Management and an Active Vault feature. The StorNext AEL6 combines Scalar i6 library with Quantum StorNext data management software and features policy-based tiering, automatic migration capabilities, and is available with slot-based licensing for system scaling.