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Quantel previews V3.7 software at IBC2007

At IBC2007, Quantel showcased its forthcoming V3.7 software release, which includes new tools and workflow enhancements.

Many of the advances included in V3.7 will be applicable to all eQ, iQ and Pablo systems.

New features include:

  • Enhanced graphic shapes creation and handling: The new graphics tools in V3.7 are faster, easier and more precise to use with new facilities such as variable edge softness control and a primitives-to-curves facility.
  • Color tools: Developed for the Pablo in-context color correction system, V3.7 introduces the ability to apply, trim and manage grades across groups of shots.
  • Connectivity: New network conform features, including an improved AAF conform, handle an even wider range of file structures that are used in DI today.

V3.7 will ship in the fourth quarter of this year.

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