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QSC unveils K Series compact loudspeakers

With its all-new K Series product group, QSC Audio has redefined the standard in compact, lightweight, high-performance powered loudspeakers. The K Series combines sleek, molded ABS enclosures, uniformly matched drivers, advanced DSP and QSC's touring spec in a package said to demonstrably outperform other molded enclosure systems. The key to this claim is QSC’s power design, which employs the same 1000W Class D amplifier module powers all four models, whether it’s the K8, K10, K12 mains or the low-frequency KSub.

The K Series two-way enclosures are defined by their radiation pattern that ranges from a 75-degree dispersion in the K12 to a broader 105 degrees in the K8. The three main boxes share the same quality woofer motor and 1.75in HF device, assuring the same high quality in all applications. On the low end, the KSub box achieves 48Hz LF extension from its dual 12in drivers.

This design approach is achievable due to a process called Directivity Matched Transition, which takes advantage of a fundamental law of acoustics: smaller-diameter woofers have wider coverage patterns than larger ones. QSC has simply matched the HF device to the LF dispersion, allowing for the smoothest and flattest frequency response possible across the entire sound field.

Several QSC DSP technologies are incorporated into the K Series. Digital Extension and Excursion Processing enables low-frequency extension hitherto impossible in enclosures of this size. Intrinsic Correction, first featured in QSC line-array technology, uses dozens of spatially averaged measurements, mapped to the processor to deliver smooth and accurate reproduction across the entire sound field. And QSC's GuardRail technology prevents amplifier clipping or overload by monitoring the input voltage. Unlike typical clip limiters, when GuardRail is activated, the results are all but undetectable, eliminating the pumping associated with other methods.

The K Series two-way models may be pole-mounted, suspended or yoke-mounted. Despite their 1000W power, the speaker boxes are light in weight, ranging from 27lbs to 41lbs for the mains and 74lbs for the caster-equipped KSub.