Qligent Vision Monitoring System Deployed by Sinclair

(Image credit: Qligent)

MELBOURNE, Fla.—Qligent’s Vision Compliance Monitoring and Analysis platform is being used by Sinclair Broadcast Group to support QoS/QoE, compliance and transmission monitoring for 191 TV stations in 89 markets.

The Vision platform used by Sinclair is a hybrid architecture that brings cloud and on-premises elements together for a centralized portal for compliance monitoring and data aggregation in the cloud. A user interface allows all associated applications to be managed in a single place. In addition, Sinclair partnered with Wasabi Cloud Storage to accommodate the compliance content storage requirements.

The on-premise hardware includes Qligent Vision monitoring probes for compliance and QoS/QoE monitoring. The probes will also monitor Sinclair’s transmitters and RF facility management systems via SNMP.

Qligent worked with Sinclair to customize elements of the Vision architecture to address their specific requirements.

“Qligent has been a true partner for Sinclair, working diligently to ensure their feature set and system architecture aligned with our goals of minimizing on-premise hardware, centralizing data aggregation and leveraging cloud-based management,” said Mike Kralec, vice president of technical operations and deputy CTO at Sinclair.

According to Qligent, this is its largest U.S. broadcast project to date.

For more information, visit www.qligent.com (opens in new tab).