PubliTronic’s NEXUS playout family boosted with new delay server

PubliTronic had added NEXUS-vds to its NEXUS family of integrated playout platforms. The product comprises a video and audio delay server with integral branding functionality. Designed for 24/7 unattended playout, NEXUS-vds is ideally suited for delayed channel playout, time-zone corrections, repeating/looping programs or for filtering inappropriate content from live broadcasts.

Using the latest solid-state storage, NEXUS-vds is capable of delaying up to one hour of video in uncompressed 270Mb/s SDI mode, with no quality degradation or loss of signal integrity. A high-quality 4:2:2 MPEG-2 in I-frame or long-GOP compression can also be used for delays longer than one hour. The HBI and VBI support delay of Dolby, closed-captioning, teletext, GPI cue tones, VITC, WSS, AFD, Nielsen and other standard or propriety formats.

NEXUS-vds also features a “cheat time” function, particularly useful for obscenity and censoring purposes, that allows operators to run a short delay on live broadcasts to enable them to remove or overlay inappropriate video or audio content prior to transmission.