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Prompter People presents iCue prompter for iPad, iPad 2

Prompter People announces the release of iCue, a new prompting application for iPad and iPad 2

ICue is a professional teleprompting app for those needing a more robust, yet simple, prompting system for iPad-based prompters. Text can be altered to change size, font, color and visibility, while the background color is adjustable as well. The app works as a standalone application, but with its display mirroring feature, you can combine it with one of the many iPad prompters from Prompter People.

The software also allows for a number of different control methods, giving you the option to use not only the infrared wireless remote included with the Flex Series, Proline or UltraLight iPad teleprompters from Prompter People, but also the free iCue Remote app. This turns your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a fully functional remote control complete with playback, speed, search, scroll, timer control and shuffle. The software can also be controlled through the use of any Bluetooth keyboard.

Text can be uploaded from e-mails, copied from iTunes, downloaded from a Web server, imported from other apps, and shared between another iCue-equipped iPad.

The software has a broadcast-quality counting feature, allowing you to count up or down from a specific time. Lastly, the software can be switched to a mirrored display making it the perfect companion to any of the iPad prompters from Prompter People.