Products - October Issue



16x9 Inc., U.S. distributor of the Chrosziel Film
& Video line, is now offering a 4x4 Sunshade special
package for full-size broadcast cameras. The professional
system facilitates filter effects, precision flair
control, and fine-tuning of lighting. The system
is fully compatible with most full-sized camcorders
featuring Broadcast, IF Pro, or Pro Classic lenses.

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EZ Series

Comprehensive Video Group has launched the EZ
series line of compression connectors. They do
not require any soldering and are available in
BNC, RCA and F designs including BNC connectors
for RGBHV mini-coax cable. They are available
in both nickel and gold finishes.

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Curious Software

Curious gFx

Curious Software, creator of Curious World Maps,
has now launched Curious gFx v1.0, an integrated
paint, rotoscoping, and compositing system. It
is a fully integrated optional addition to Curious
World Maps Version 4.0. The combination gives
Curious World Maps users a complete mapping and
image-creation solution in one package.

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LEIGHTRONIX has announced the availability of
the PLMBVIP, a new interface that allows its TCP/IP
Networked-Managed Video System Controller to control
the MagicBox VIP, a device for displaying text
and graphics messages on private and locally originated
cable television networks. It creates a bi-directional
link from the TCP/IP to the VIP and provides full
device control with status.

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Music 2 Hues

Two New CDs

Music 2 Hues recently announced two new CDs for
its Flagship Series. CD #47Ñ"Native Spirit"Ñfeatures
authentic, in-the-field recordings of Native American
vocals and instruments. CD #48Ñ"The Outback"Ñrepresents
the sounds and feel of the global outdoors. The
company also recently released the 10-CD "Sound
Effects Series" of 1,000 all-natural indoor and
outdoor effects.

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BT-LS1400 LCD Monitor

Panasonic has brought out the BT-LS1400, a 14-inch,
4:3 aspect ratio LCD Monitor. It features consistent
color performance under varying ambient lighting
conditions, no performance degradation by magnetic
fields generated by speakers or other monitors,
and virtually no burn-in. It offers a high brightness
of 450 cd/m inches, a high contrast of 400:1,
and a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees horizontally
and vertically.

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CS-1 Shotgun Mic

Sanken has brought to market the new CS-1 short
shotgun microphone, employing the same technology
as previous Sanken mics in more compact housing.
Measuring less than 8 inches in length, the CS-1
is ideal for mounting on video and film cameras,
and with a weight of only 3.5 ounces, it is also
easy to maneuver on boom poles.

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UNISTAR MediaMaster

Unique Digital has made available the UNISTAR
MediaMaster, a high-speed digital storage and
data management system geared to broadcasters
and advertisers. Using digital media software
from Virage and hardware from ViewCast, it allows
for immediate retrieval of billions of bits of
data. Broadcast programs and scripts can be saved
in such a way that only a key word can be used
to find a particular segment.

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