Products - Novemeber 2002

HDTV Super Cine Style lenses
Fujinon has unveiled six new prime HDTV Super Cine Style lenses, the HAeF12, HAeF16, HAeF20, HAeF34, HAeF40, and HAeF54. All feature a front-end diameter of 95mm and a length of 144mm. They allow a focus rotation of 280 degrees for precise focus follow, compared with the standard 144.5-degree rotation of other Cine Style lenses and are designed specifically to work with the latest high definition video cameras. They also feature large, bright markings for zoom, focus, and iris- and cine-compatible gearing for interfacing with existing cine controls and matte boxes.

Panasonic Broadcast & Broadcast Systems Company has announced the availability of the AG-MX70, a compact A/V mixer with a built-in 2-BUS, 8-input video switcher, multi-functional digital video effects device, and versatile audio mixer. It provides a broadcast-quality 4:2:2:4 digital component picture and Dynamic Rounding technology. It can create more than 600 2D effects patterns, including transitions, key patterns, melts, mosaic, paint, trail, and multi-images. The optional AG-VE70P 3-D effects board provides over 1,600 effects, including page-turns, accordions, spheres, and ripples. Wipe patterns accommodate 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio production needs.

Pinnacle Systems
PDS 6000i and 9000i
Pinnacle Systems has begun shipping its PDS 6000i and PDS 9000i networked digital switchers. The new switchers combine the feature set of the original Pinnacle PDS switchers, including built-in DVEs and framestores, with built-in networking support that enables them to communicate directly with any other Pinnacle live production product as well as third-party graphics systems. As standard, PDS 9000i delivers 36 primary inputs, two independent Mix/Effects systems, and a full-function program/preset bank with dual downstream keyers and all of the production power of an M/E. PDS 6000i delivers the same features offered by the PDS 9000i in a package with one less M/E and a smaller control panel.

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Pixel Power
Pixel Power has brought the Clarity2 to market, a new hardware platform for state-of-the-art broadcast graphics. It is based on the company’s Clarity range and features dual AMD Athlon MP2000+ processors and multiple pixel processors for rapid delivery of on-air graphics. It features a Windows user interface and proprietary video hardware and is ideally suited to live news, sports, channel branding, and production environments.

Home Viewing Act
LG.Philips LCD TFT-LCD monitor
With the latest monitor from LG.Philips LCD, youâll feel as though you can step right into the action on screen. The new TFT-LCD monitor measures 42 inches and delivers one of the widest viewing angles on the market today in a modern ãwideä aspect ratio shape. It leverages LG.Philipsâ proprietary S-IPS (Super-In-Plane-Switching) technology and offers a viewing angle of more than 175 degrees. In addition, the TFT-LCD features brightness of 500 cd/m2, and a response time of 12ms. The display is ideal for use in sleek, space-friendly, wall-mounted LCD TVs.

Telex Communications
Telex Communications has released the newest addition to its RE microphone family, the RE510. It is a super-cardioid handheld condenser microphone with the flexibility to adapt to different applications. It features broad, smooth bandwidth, low distortion, and a wide dynamic range. The RE510 has the flexibility to adapt to different applications because of a low-frequency boost switch, which makes it possible to configure the mic as either a classic sounding live vocal microphone or as a high performance studio microphone. It is also available in a wireless head version for use with the RE-1 wireless system.