Primestream Announces Enhancements to Fork Xchange Suite

AMSTERDAM: Primestream released the latest version of Fork Xchange Suite, an application that provides “instant Web access” to content on Fork production servers from any Windows, Mac, or iOS device,” according to Primestream.

Fork Xchange Suite 1.5 is an add-on to Primestream’s workflow management and automation software. It contains “new capabilities for creating subclips and markers, as well as an upload manager, extended metadata functionality, multitrack audio control, and more new features that make it even easier for media enterprises to manage content efficiently among multiple Fork Production sites,” Primestream said.

Subclips can now be created directly from the Xchange Suite using the new Assemble module in Suite 1.5. The update also has an upload manager and monitor that allows users to upload content in any of the supported formats directly from their browsers, and then monitor the upload progress of multiple files. Once the Fork production server registers the file, it creates an H.264 proxy file. The multitrack audio feature allows multiple audio tracks in different languages, and read-only metadata fields protect embedded information.