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Prasad and ColorLab Partner on Film Scanning

(Image credit: Prasad)

BURBANK, Calif.—Prasad, a provider of film preservation, digitization and restoration technologies, has formed a strategic partnership with Colorlab, the Washington, DC digital film laboratory, to offer film scanning services using Prasad's Scanity HDR 4K Film Scanner with WetGate. 

It will be the first scanner, equipped with Prasad’s proprietary WetGate technology, to be installed in North America.

Originally founded in 1972 as a 16mm film laboratory, Colorlab has processed millions of feet of film, while expanding and evolving into a full-service facility with a global clientele. 

Prasad has been involved in film and video post-production for 65 years and, as owner of DFT (Digital Film Technology), holds IPs for such scanning systems as Scanity HDR and OXScan 14K.

The Scanity HDR 4K Scanner is able to handle a range of difficult issues common in historically aged or damaged film, the companies reported. The optional WetGate technology, the system makes the process of handling fragile film elements smoother and safer by filling surface deficiencies with fluid at the point of scan. That saves time and downstream processing, while significantly improving the results.

“Prasad is excited to introduce the Scanity HDR 4K Film Scanner with WetGate to the U.S. marketplace and thrilled to have Colorlab as our partner,” says Tracy Balsz, vice president at Prasad Corp. “Together, we will supply the film community, on the East Coast and across the country, with an unsurpassed 16mm and 35mm digitization solution.”

Colorlab expects the Scanity HDR 4K Film Scanner with WetGate to be used to scan a wide range of archival media for preservation and monetization. The facility’s clients include major motion picture studios, institutional and private archives, independent producers and many others worldwide. 

“Our mission is to provide the best digital solutions in preservation and restoration of archival films,” says Thomas Aschenbach, owner and president at Colorlab Corp. “Scanity HDR with WetGate is an exciting addition to our complement of solutions for archival film digitization."