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Polecam to unveil 7th Heaven portable camera rig

Polecam will introduce the Polecam 7th Heaven long-reach portable camera rig at IBC2009 Sept. 11-15 in Amsterdam.

Polecam's 7th Heaven incorporates seven rigid carbon-fiber elements that interlock to achieve a 26ft reach, delivering versatility in terms of horizontal and vertical camera location. It provides the freedom to elevate their cameras from ground level to 26ft above the tripod pivot while retaining total control of boom angle, camera pan/tilt and camera ascent/descent speed.

Polecam 7th Heaven is made possible by a new formulation of high-rigidity carbon-fiber elements, also now supplied as standard with the five-element Polecam rig. Using a combination of laminated and spun carbon-fiber with 24 percent more fiber, the new formulation delivers a 15 percent increase in boom stiffness. It allows even novice users to achieve high-quality results both with the five-element and seven-element versions.