Polecam to launch 7th Heaven jib at NAB Show

At the NAB Show, Polecam will debut its new 7th Heaven jib, which spans up to 26ft from its pivot, a long reach for the ultra-mobile HD/SD camera support system.

The 7th Heaven jib uses a new method of pole fabrication to achieve higher rigidity, allowing the seven connectable elements to provide the 26ft span. With a combination of laminated and spun carbon fiber, 7th Heaven maintains strength and rigidity without sacrificing portability and discreet on-screen profile. The fibers used in the elements are 15 percent stiffer than the company’s previous booms.

The jib retains the standard Polecam rig's quick and easy setup and dismantling capabilities. It is fully compatible with all standard Polecam accessories, including heads, HD and SD cameras, CCUs and recorders.