Playbox Technology accelerates to do more

PlayBox Technology has integrating its latest software with new hardware-accelerated technology. This provides greater reliability and performs tasks in software that used to require dedicated hardware.
By exploiting the opportunities of the latest-generation Intel Core CPUs, PlayBox Technology is able to make more extensive use of commercial off-the-shelf hardware. The combination of the new chipsets and video cards, fully integrated with PlayBox Technology software, offers a higher price-performance ratio.

An early example is the new AirBox MPO (Multiple Parallel Outputs) that uses hardware-accelerated power to simultaneously scale and/or encode several video streams. It enables different video formats (SD, HD, 25f/s, 30f/s) and different outputs (SDI, analogue, IP streaming, etc.) to run simultaneously from a single server. Further applications of hardware-accelerated technology include rending 3-D objects in real time in TitleBox graphics, and the encoding of HD to H.264 without using external coders.