Playbox completes turnkey MCR for Cyprian TV network

PlayBox Technology has completed an extensive turnkey project to provide Antenna Ltd, one of the main television networks in Cyprus, with a complete, new master control room (MCR).

Designed, supplied, installed and commissioned by PlayBox Technology, the MCR is now on-air running three sports channels for Cytavision, the TV platform of CYTA. The project, that also included training, was completed with partner Vavel Netmedia and installed at the Antenna Ltd’s facilities in Nicosia.

The MCR has a wide range of PlayBox Technology equipment, including three servers each including AirBox playout and automation, and TitleBox on-air dynamic graphics. A fourth server provides N:M backup controlled by a multi-backup manager.

Three CaptureBox servers are available for ingesting new video material. QCBox checks the quality of the material ready for transmission and includes loudness monitoring. AlarmBox reports any urgent problems. Other system elements comprise 32TB of Direct-Attached Storage (DAS), and 8TB of Network-Attached Storage (NAS), as well as a further TitleBox for off-line preparation.

The project also includes the third-party equipment required to complete the MCR with audio and video network infrastructure, voice-over booths for adding commentaries, and a Harris 64x64 matrix.