Pick Hits

1 Beyond 3817 HD


This HD laptop NLE is optimized for HD editing and delivery (including 720p and 1080i), and features a 3.8GHz Pentium 4 processor with Hyperthreading technology. Editors can mix HD, HDV and uncompressed SD and DV footage simultaneously. The laptop supports Avid's Mojo and external storage. It can output HD to its widescreen monitor and supports 5.1 or 7.1 audio.

360 Systems Image Server 7000


The server supports six video channels with up to 600 hours of RAID-protected storage. It can record two MPEG-2 files simultaneously and accepts SDI and composite video. It handles MPEG-2 and DV file types, plus TARGA graphics with key-and-fill. It includes a wide range of production tools and I/O standards, including fast FTP file exchange and MXF compatibility.

AEQ DR-100


AEQ's new handheld digital audio recorder is the size of a cellular phone. It includes a user-friendly, non-destructive audio editor. Users can edit audio by cutting, copying and pasting material. The internal flash memory has no moving parts and is capable of recording up to 4.5 hours of audio material. Files transfer remotely over RS232 and external modem or USB.

Axcera Dual-Use


Dual-Use is an analog/DTV transmitter based on the Innovator LX transmitter and the DM8 digital modulator for 8VSB. As a backup transmitter, it allows a single Innovator LX broadband transmitter to back up both a main analog and a main DTV transmitter, eliminating the need for separate analog and DTV standby transmitters.

Belden CDT 10GX


The 10GX is an end-to-end UTP cabling solution for 10Gb Ethernet service. Cables rely on four pairs of conductors with a bi-directional data rate of 2.5Gb/s per pair, producing an equivalent to a bandwidth of 500MHz.

Camplex PRO-X C5


Camplex's new camera control unit helps convert mini-DV camcorders into live production cameras via a Cat-5 cable up to 1000ft. System includes a dockable adapter with power for camcorder and all control signals over a Cat-5 cable.

Dielectric RF Scout


The RF Scout continuously monitors transmission-line VSWR and forward power and outputs data to remote terminals via RS232 or Ethernet interfaces.

Edirol V-400HD


This multiformat video mixer/switcher handles HD video, SD video and SXGA computer signals. It supports up to eight inputs of four SD plus four HD or RGB and outputs 1080i or 720p for HD and RGB displays.

Fujinon Precision Focus system


The Precision Focus system provides a highly accurate focusing assist system to camera operators. Camera operators can select size and position of the focus area, which tracks the lens as it moves and zooms. The system instantly brings objects into perfect focus without searching for focus and can follow objects smoothly while maintaining focus.

Grace Distribution PIN-MIC


The PIN-MIC back plate and cable go under clothing, and the capsule connects to protruding pins, eliminating the need for unsightly cables and connectors. The minature microphone comes standard with back plate, sleeve and a case. The exterior capsule has permanent wind mesh over it, which can be hidden behind station logos or apparel.

Hamlet Flexiscope


The unit is a handheld HD and SD waveform monitor/vectorscope analyzer. It provides measurement and monitoring using patented digital processing. It covers HD, SD and SDI standards, plus CAV, composite, YC and DV with plug-in options.

Ikegami HDN-X10 Editcam HD


This multiformat HD camcorder uses 2.1 megapixel CMOS sensors to capture 1080/60i, 1080/50i, 1080/24p, 720/60p or 720/50p, all as native format. By employing a new image device and superior video processing, the EditcamHD achieves 1000TV line of horizontal resolution, 56dB of S/N ratio and F10 at 2000 lux sensitivity.

IDX X3-Lite


The X3-Lite is an on-board camera light using new high-powered LED technology. The LED light provides high output with minimum power consumption without flicker or noise. It provides heat-free LED operation with 10,000 hour LED life.

Image Video V×V-4


The V×V-4 features four 4:2:2 SDI/composite analog inputs and selectable 16:9/4:3 aspect ratio output. There are two versions available: DVI output 1280×1024 and SDI output with composite analog monitoring. Any input may be zoomed to full-screen resolution.



The VP21H is a powerful double-stimulus video quality measurement and analysis system for baseband video (HD/SD SDI). It achieves automated, real-time measurement and analysis by comparing the source and the tested video. Video synchronization is done automatically, and analysis is completed at the pixel level.



This fully-integrated multichannel digital LPTV transmission system is based on the LARCAN MXD series transmitter. It is capable of multiplexing digital signals together to provide multiple channels from one transmitter, enabling the flexibility to grow from one to many channels on a plug and play basis.

Leitch X75-HD/X75-SD


Leitch's multiformat converter synchronizer features auto-detection of inputs with auto-changeover and user-selectable alarms. Infinitely flexible I/O input options for the X75 with HD upgrade provide up-, down- and cross-conversion from up to seven input video formats to almost any output video format.

Manfrotto FIG RIG


This modular camera support system smoothly supports the DV camera and acts as a frame to mount all accessories, including zoom controllers, mics, mixers, lights, monitors and arms. It consists of a circular frame with a crossbar to mount most mini DV cameras and becomes part of the body to produce smooth, steady traveling shots.

Microwave Radio Communications CodeRunner 4


The CodeRunner 4 central receiver supports a wide variety of analog and digital configurations, including new BAS frequency plans. All receivers are switchable from today's analog operation to the new BAS COFDM digital transmission system.

Miranda HD-Bridge DEC


Miranda's HD-Bridge DEC provides high-quality HDV to HD-SDI 1080i/720p conversion with embedded audio and Time Code, along with digital and analog video/audio outputs. Its built-in crossconverter allows users to convert between 720p and 1080i.

Modulation Sciences msi 4400


This analyzer includes a single rack unit controller that receives and evaluates the 8-VSB signal and relays the data to a Windows-based PC. The front-panel indicators show the status of alarms and confirm RF level and signal strength. It features external connections for alarms, LVDS, SMPTE 310M and DVB-ASI.

MOG Solutions theScribe

+351 229 408 224

TheScribe is a full-featured MXF editor enabling the user to create new MXF files and update existing ones with rich metadata descriptions. Synchronized with the audio-video essence, the files are fully compliant with DMS-1 (SMPTE S380M).


+33 4 42 98 07 70

The MPEG-4 plug-n-play card allows broadcasters to implement MPEG-4 transmission over existing transmission platforms. System is compatible with current MPEG-2 receivers using DVB-CI or cable cards. The product facilitates new service expansion of TV-over-IP providing VOD-over-IP and other new services.

Optibase MGW 1100


This integrated carrier-grade TV-streaming platform supports encoding, transcoding and conversion of MPEG-2, MPEG-1, MPEG-4 AVC and WMV. It supports up to 30 TV and music channels and offers sophisticated capabilities to control and monitor the IP/ATM video from a central SNMP-based interface.

Panasonic AG-HVX200


The AG-HVX200 camcorder combines a progressive native 16:9 HD 3-CCD imaging system with a HD-quality Leica Dicomar wide-angle zoom lens. It uses P2 solid-state storage of MXF files and supports all 1080, 720 and 480 signals at 24p and 30p frame rates.

Pixelmetrix VISUALmpeg


VISUALmpeg is a product family of analysis tools for evaluating and testing MPEG-based advanced coding. Models are available for MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10). It requires only a modest PC with standard Windows software for full and detailed analysis.

Rohde & Schwarz FSH3-TV


This TV analyzer combines the functions and features of a complete spectrum analyzer with those of a TV test receiver. The portable analyzer is ideal for performing on-site measurements and covers 100kHz to 3GHz with resolutions of 100Hz to 1MHz.

Sierra Automated Systems Rubicon


The Rubicon audio console controls the Sierra Automated Systems 32KD digital audio network for mixing, switching, level control and effects. The frame sizes range from four to 40 modules, and there is a full router input select on each module.

Serious Magic DV Rack


This DV production software runs on a PC connected to a DV camera. The DV Rack puts 10 essential production tools at users' fingertips, letting them instantly preview, record, review and evaluate shots. HDV support is available.

Sencore ATLAS


The receiver is configurable to specific applications, providing a flexible system base and powerful software package resulting in easy system integration. It features a versatile modular platform with local and remote signal monitoring and optional conditional-access interface.

Sencore VB-10 IP PROBE


The VB-10 IP PROBE is a portable IP test and measurement unit for inspecting TV multicasts as found in fiber or DSL triple-play networks. The operator can monitor the signal quality of up to 10 TV multicasts anywhere in the network, ranging from cable headends through to customer set-top boxes.

Shining Technology CitiDISK HDV


CitiDISK HDV is a powerful, lightweight, portable, high-capacity hard drive storage platform. Complete with an internal rechargeable battery, it connects directly to HDV/DV camcorders and stores up to 90 minutes of DV, AVI, MOV or M2T storage directly from the camera's FireWire port.

Sigalarm Model 410


Sigalarm high-voltage detection system can save lifes. It is designed to protect the entire mast and antenna from touching high voltage transmission lines. The system detects any nearby AC voltages and sets off an alarm within the ENG vehicle. It can also override any operator “raise” commands when AC is detected.

Sigma Electronics Arablest


The Arablest audio/video synchronizer system uses DATC technology and provides automatic detection and compensation for any delays incurred between a video signal and a corresponding audio signal in transmission environments. The process is transparent to the video image and accurately identifies the time relationship between the video and audio signals and makes the needed correction.

Snell & Wilcox Kahuna


This multiformat production switcher offers SD and HD operation in the same mainframe, with the same control panel. New pixel-filtering technology, FormatFusion, allows integration of any SD material into HD productions, seamlessly, without the need for upconversion. It also allows HD material to be incorporated into SD productions without downconversion. Fully software upgradable, the switcher can be installed in either SD-only or HD-only form and when required, converted instantly, resulting in a fully multiformat SD/HD operation.

SoftNI Subtitler Suite


This subtitling software lets you prepare subtitling/captioning files; encode closed captions; and burn-in subtitles using digital and HD professional video cards, CGs and VBI CC/Teletext encoders. The program also exports subtitling/captioning files compatible with most DVD authoring systems, NLE editing systems and multilingual cable/satellite transmission systems.

Telecast Rattler


The Rattler is a mini HD/SDI fiber module that makes it easy to transmit video over fiber. The module uses BNC to ST media converters. The transmitters and receivers measure only 2.5in × .7in × .7in. It has an 18dB optical link budget and EQ for TX coax input and is standards compliant. Receivers provide integral power meter. It is powered by standard USB.

Vision III Imaging V3


The V3 is a parallax scanner for Angenieux lenses. The V3 scanner uses a digital feedback (closed loop) parallax scanning iris mechanism that injects vivid impressions of depth into images to be recorded on standard film or tape. Camera output is fully compliant with standard film and video recording techniques.

Vistek V1681/1682


This audio/video ID generator/reader provides multiple test and ID functions in an SDI environment. It generates both 16:9 and 4:3 test patterns, confirms lip sync, and generates stereo tone with identifying silences that are locked to a specific visual pattern, and has a built-in text generator.

Special Technology Award

Sony: 201-930-1000;
JVC: 973-317-5000;
Apple: 800-692-7753;

The Pick Hits judges determined that three companies — Apple, JVC and Sony — should be recognized for their contribution to the development of HDV production technology. Specific HDV technology products include Apple's Final Cut Pro 5.0 with native HDV, the JVC GY HD100 24p camcorder and Sony's HVR-Z1U camcorder with HVR-M10U VTR.