Philips Announces Digital Cable 'Plug-n-Play' Tuner

Royal Philips Electronics recently announced that it has a digital tuner that meets the recently formulated "plug-n-play" standard. The tuner, intended to be built into DTV televisions and set-top boxes uses two modules to receive and process all possible analog and digital off-the-air and CATV signals, including out-of-band signaling for digital cable.

The system consists of a PA1232D input module that contains two RF inputs, one for off-air reception and the other for cable connection. The PA1232D feeds a second module, the TUV1236U, which tunes and demodulates the signal whether it is NTSC, ATSC or QAM. The TUV1236U provides both CVBS and digital MPEG-2 output.

Philips now has sample quantities of the tuner available and expects to ship the components in quantity in the first quarter of 2004. Philips brand DTV sets will be on the market using this solution by mid-2004, according to the company.