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Pharos integrates COPAN Systems Enterprise MAID

Pharos has integrated COPAN Systems' Enterprise MAID technology with its Pharos Mediator media management system.

The move adds COPAN Systems' Enterprise MAID disk-based archiving providing higher access speeds, greater reliability and lower power consumption compared to existing datatape-based robotic archive systems. Using COPAN's MAID platform, Pharos can now offer disk-based storage as an alternative to robotically accessed datatape for nearline archiving.

COPAN's MAID performs automatic checks on drives when they are not being used. If a problem is found with a specific drive, an alternative is assigned in its place and the defective unit flagged for replacement.

This self-rebuilding makes the system extremely reliable. Each COPAN drawer can accommodate 14 x 1TB drives. Eight drawers can be housed in a 4RU x 3.2ft rack-mounted chassis to provide 112TB of storage.

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