PFT Demos Updates to DAX Production Cloud

LONDON—Prime Focus Technologies has developed a series of updates for its DAX Production Cloud, which is part of its CLEAR Media ERP line. The updates will allow the software to help with the collaboration and sharing of content across the production supply chain.

The DAX Production Cloud is based on the DAX with Digital Dailies and provides ONE software across the production supply chain. It serves as a repository for media and ancillary files, including on-set dailies, post-production cuts, editorial, VFX, marketing, localization and distribution.

With these new updates, DAX adds a new Asset Share feature that allows for the collaboration and sharing of content with DAX and non-DAX users with automatic expiring links. Additional upgrades include the DAX Administration tool that offers greater control via custom folder structure, watermarking variation and email/notification settings; there is also the Virtual Playlist Editor that delivers a cloud NLE to create custom playlists.

Users can also access the updated DAX Production Cloud within an iOS or Android mobile app, which features an offline option to download content at a later point.

PFT will demonstrate the latest features of the DAX Production Cloud at the Media Production Show 2019 in London at booth #621. The Media Production Show is taking place June 11 and 12.