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Petrol unveils rain cover for RED ONE camera

Petrol has introduced the Petrol PRC-RED-1 rain cover designed to provide environmental protection for a fully equipped RED ONE camera

. Made primarily from clear polyurethane for maximum visibility, the new transparent rain cover offers quick access to all camera features. The raincover is roomy enough to enable working with the camera’s high-resolution onboard LCD monitor.

Petrol’s one-piece design makes the PRC-RED-1 easy to install while shooting. Its viewfinder protector takes seconds to attach thanks to a dependable waterproof zipper, and the rigid front hood comes outfitted with a hot-shoe connector that anchors and stabilizes the raincover on the camera.

The rain cover’s front section, constructed of waterproof polypropylene board, covers and protects the lens and mattebox system. Atop the hood, a 6in ABS track allows for the addition of an on-camera light or wireless receiver.