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Petrol makes a rain poncho for ENG audio engineers

Petrol has introduced a new rain poncho for sound operators who must work in the rain and other inclement weather.

The new PRP-2 is sized to comfortably cover a user carrying a mixer and fully loaded sound bag. The front section is made of transparent polyurethane for maximum visibility of working equipment. Slotted “pass-through” hand openings on either side provide quick and easy access to the mixer’s controls.

Long roomy sleeves provide the freedom to hold a boom pole or other gear at arm’s length and still keep the mixer and equipment bag dry. Two-sided bungee cords and anchor clips adjust the poncho’s hood to keep out the elements.

The front zipper is covered with fabric to prevent water from leaking through. Seams are stitched, then sealed and reinforced with a durable polyurethane cover. The poncho is made of polyurethane-coated 200-denier nylon.