Pebble Beach Systems unveils new automation systems at IBC

Pebble Beach Systems launched Marina, an enterprise-level automation system to address the business requirements of broadcasters who have a variety and ever-changing set of content delivery requirements.

Marina is scalable up to hundreds of channels. It offers its users an almost infinite variety of configuration options, but it does so using a single central database, allowing coordinated applications and resources to operate in a distributed architecture across multiple servers.

A new playlist engine, designed from the ground up, is coupled with a fully distributed architecture and leverages the manufacturer’s experience in developing drivers for a huge variety of delivery devices from leading industry manufacturers. Pebble Beach is entirely independent, and offers solutions with any mix of equipment to meet customer requirements. This allows broadcasters to maximize the benefit they get from investing in new technology whatever the source.

Marina is fully interoperable with Anchor, Pebble Beach’s media and workflow management system. Broadcasters can create end-to-end workflows in order to manage content through all stages of the process, from ingest through to delivery via many channels, in many formats, using rules-based logic to carry out automatically processes such as transcoding.

The system is Unicode-compliant, allowing it to operate in all languages including Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. The entire system can be instantly toggled between languages, making it easy for operators to manage the system in their own language but also overcoming potential problems a support engineer would face.