Pebble Beach Systems Integrates Adobe After Effects for Playout Graphics

WEYBRIDGE, England—Pebble Beach Systems has integrated Adobe After Effects in order to streamline playout graphics workflows.

The integration incorporates a plug-in and pre-render workflow, which is designed to simplify graphics and promo production.

Working in conjunction with Pebble Beach Systems’ Dolphin integrated channel device under Marina automation control, the integration manages the process of automatically rendering After Effects templates and delivering them straight to playout.

According to Pebble Beach, by removing the need to convert Adobe graphics into vendor-specific formats, the plug-in gives graphics designers the creative freedom to use any feature supported in After Effects for on-air graphics, and eliminates the need to individually render many different versions of a promo or graphic.

The company said any After Effects project can be converted into a pre-render template via the new plugin.

“The ability to pre-render graphics created in After Effects gives the designer full creative freedom by removing the need to compromise the look of the graphics during any format conversion process,” said Stuart Wood, product owner at Pebble Beach Systems.

“Many networks, television stations and multichannel service providers are also looking for ways to deploy playout servers without the need to provision GPUs for real-time graphics processing power, especially when we talk about virtualized environments or the cloud, as this can be much more expensive.”

Jenny Priestley

Jenny has worked in the media throughout her career, joining TVBEurope as editor in 2017. She has also been an entertainment reporter, interviewing everyone from Kylie Minogue to Tom Hanks; as well as spending a number of years working in radio. She continues to appear on radio every week and occasionally pops up on TV.