Pebble Beach Systems debuts ingest and playout device

Pebble Beach Systems has launched Dolphin, a compact, cost-effective integrated channel device that runs on standard IT hardware to deliver automated, frame-accurate, multichannel ingest and playout applications.

Dolphin can operate as a stand-alone product under Neptune or Marina automation control, or as part of a larger system that incorporates other playout devices. It integrates into a system that employs an independent video server, graphics or captioning devices for prime channels and hybrid channels.

In all cases, operators are presented with the same user interface whatever the underlying channel technology across the entire system. With a single system-wide database, this avoids creating operational silos and simplifies channel control.

Dolphin allows users to select the most appropriate delivery technology for the budgetary and technical needs of each channel. Target installations include regional commercial insertion, fast to market or short-term channels, disaster recovery centers and content ingest.

Dolphin is available in four basic configurations, each with a choice of 2.4TB of internal or scalable external near-line attached storage. As an SD/HD video server, master control switcher, character generator and channel branding solution, Dolphin supports an extensive range of compression and file formats.