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Pebble Beach Systems Builds Lighthouse for Marina Automation

WEYBRIDGE, ENGLAND & BROOMFIELD, COLO.—Pebble Beach Systems has created a new web-based remote management and monitoring dashboard for its Marina automation environment, Lighthouse. The system provides control, monitoring, media management and system configuration tools through widgets on configurable, web-based dashboards.


The Lighthouse system is designed for PCs, tablets and mobile devices, built using JavaScript and HTML5 technology. It incorporates its own node.js web server and offers load balancing and high availability for monitoring and access. It also utilizes TSL encryption for protection in the web environment.

Lighthouse can work with multiple Marina systems that are running different software versions and operating at different frame rates. Layouts can be configured based on a user’s roles and switch between different dashboards. The system is also capable of designing, editing, launching and decommissioning virtual IP channels.

Pebble Beach can deploy Lighthouse as a node.js webserver on a Linux operating system, provide host hardware, or implement it as a virtualized infrastructure.