Pebble Beach Integrating Vizrt System to Playout Units

WEYBRIDGE, England—Pebble Beach Systems is bringing a Vizrt component to its Dolphin and Orca integrated playout systems, announcing that it will add the Viz Engine into the units. The goal of this integration is to enable broadcasters to improve 3D graphics workflow with the Dolphin and Orca systems.

The functionality will be offered through a shared memory interface as a software plug-in that utilizes a GPU. This makes it no longer necessary to pass video signals between devices, according to Pebble Beach Systems. As a result, the playout chain is simplified and network bandwidth is reduced within the cloud. The amount of hardware needed to run a channel providing a full graphics workflow will also reportedly be reduced.

“Broadcast graphics are fundamental to channel identity,” said Alison Pavitt, marketing manager at Pebble, “so broadcasters naturally don’t want to compromise on their branding when reviewing their playout technology choice.”

The Viz Engine software plug-in for Dolphin and Orca are now available.