Panavision Unveils Millennium DXL Camera

Collaboration between Panavision, Red Digital Cinema and Light Iron
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HOLLYWOOD, CALIF.—Three heads are better than one, or at least that’s the idea, as Panavision has introduced its latest camera that was a result of a collaboration with Red Digital Cinema and Light Iron. The Millennium DXL Camera features large format optics and modular accessories from Panavision, an 8K sensor from Red, and color science and optimized workflow from Light Iron.

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DXL includes a new image mapping process called Light Iron Color, which is designed to provide a cinematic look directly out of the camera. Light Iron Color integrates with DXL’s 8K resolution sensor and large format lenses. The camera body is lightweight and features an airflow system to reduce heat. Its streamlined workflow includes simultaneous recording or 4K proxy files—either ProRes or DNx—alongside 8K Raw files.

Panavision will make the Millennium DXL available to rent in early 2017. The company will display working prototypes and a demo reel at the upcoming Cine Gear Expo.