Panasonic Prices AJ-PX380 Models at $11,995; $8,395

NEWARK, N.J.—Panasonic has announced that it will begin to ship its new AJ-PX380 1/3-inch 2.2M 3MOS AVC-Ultra shoulder-mount camcorder at the end of September. The AJ-PX380, which is available as either the AJ-PX380GF or AJ-PX380G, offers IT/wireless connectivity capabilities and dual codec recording for simultaneous high resolution and proxy image capture. The AJ-PX380GF includes the camera body, AG-CVF15 Color Viewfinder and XT17x4.5 BRM 17x Fujinon lens, while the AJ-PX380G comes as just the camera body.


The PX380’s mutli-codec AVC-Ultra offers 10-bit, 4:2:2 recording in full raster HD. Meanwhile, the AVC-Proxy encodes in parallel with higher bandwidth production formats, enabling fast, efficient online editing, at bit-rates from six megabits to 800 kilobits per second. The camcorder can also record in AVC-LongG to provide on-air content direct from the shooting location and for content transferred over the Internet.

The camera also offers simultaneous dual recording of either HD or SD proxies. The camera supports wired LAN, wireless LAN and 4G/LTE connections, which enables on-site preview, streaming and uploading data to a server quickly; or users can connect to the camera via Wi-Fi. A quality of service layer is able to adjust the bit-rate of the streaming signal to optimize the transmission speed as bandwidth changes.

Additional camera details features include high-sensitivity, low noise 3MOS imagers, and a B4 lens mount that can be used with 1/3-inch to 2/3-inch lens adapters. It also features a built-in Camera Adaptor function, a “Rec during Uploading” function, and a P2 Remote Operation Panel app, as well as P2 Cast integration for remote proxy based workflow operations. For full details on the AJ-PX380, visit (opens in new tab).

Panasonic is listing the AJ-PX380GF at a starting price of $11,995; the AJ-PX380G will be listed at a starting price of $8,395.