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Panasonic Ships New PTZ Camera, Remote Controller

NEWARK, N.J—Panasonic this week began delivery of its new AW-UE 150 4K/60 pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera and the AW-RP 150 remote controller.

The new PTZ camera offers UHD 60p output, a wide horizontal viewing angle of 75.1 degrees, 20x optical zoom and 32x intelligent zoom in HD mode. Applications for the camera include reality TV production as well as use in stadiums, lecture halls, churches and other venues.

The UE150 relies on a 1-inch MOS sensor and supports various 4K interfaces, including 12G-SDI, HDMI, optical fiber and IP connectivity. The camera outputs 4K and HD at the same time and achieves smooth video moves –even when rapid movement is required. Images shot in 4K can be output full frame while simultaneously outputting cropped parts of images.

The camera offers high dynamic range (HDR) support and has an optical image stabilizer for automatic correction of vibrations. The camera’s Night Mode offers infrared shooting. Pan and tilt operation speeds vary from a minimum of 0.08 degrees/second to 180 degrees/second.

The AW-RP150 camera controller relies on a 7-inch LCD touchscreen to display a GUI for monitoring and menu setting. A joystick with a seesaw lever for zoom and focus control offers single-hand operation. An SDI input to the LCD panel for camera monitoring is provided.

The panel is outfitted with frequently used buttons. Menu, camera switching function and indicators are assigned to the touch panel. Focus is quickly aligned to the area on the screen that is touched. A Focus in Red function assists with aligning focus by framing in red the area of the image to be focused.

Scene files, system settings files and other camera settings can be saved on the RP150 SD card and then copied to multiple cameras.

More information is available on the Panasonic website.