Panasonic Shipping AK-HC3500 Studio Camera

The Panasonic full native resolution, 1080i AK-HC3500 high-definition studio camera is now available. The HC3500 is equipped with exclusive image processing and color reproduction functions for image acquisition in 1080/59.94i and 1080/50i.

Designed for direct-to-air broadcasting applications, the HC3500 features three 2/3-inch 2.2-megapixel IT-CCDs with a single-channel transfer system, 14-bit A/D converter, a 38-bit digital signal processor LSI and spatial offset processing. When configured for studio use, the 10.4-pound camera slides into the optional build-up unit with a “one touch,” cable-free setup.

The HC3500 features an advanced single-channel transfer system and spatial offset processing that reduces aliasing and provides 1,100 horizontal lines of resolution. The HC3500 maintains a signal to noise ratio of 60 dB at F10.0 sensitivity and has a vertical smear level of less than –130 dB.

The HC3500 is equipped with a 12-axis color matrix. The camera also features a skin-tone detail function that allows users to adjust sharpness when focusing on on-screen talent. It offers versatile gamma settings including real-time Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS).

The HC3500 is available now with several options including the AK-HBU3500 build-up kit and the AK-HRP931 remote operating panel.