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Panasonic Rolls Out Two Ethernet-Powered PTZ Cameras

WASHINGTON—Panasonic has introduced the AW-HE40 line of integrated full HD PTZ cameras, with advanced features including Power over Ethernet+ and IP-live video monitoring. These pan/tilt/zoom cameras incorporate newly developed 1/2.3-type full HD MOS sensors and digital signal processors for high sensitivity and high resolution in a wide range of shooting conditions.

The HE40 will be available in two versions, the AW-HE40H with HDMI output, and the AW-HE40S with HD/SD-SDI output. Both versions will be available in black and white models. The AW-HE40H will be available in January 2015 with a suggested list price of $3150, the AW-HE40S will be available in February 2015 with a suggested list price of $4150.

In addition to a 30x optical zoom, the HE40S/H also feature a 1.4x digitalextender to capture close-ups even in large auditoriums and lecture halls. The HE40S/H deliver a signal-to-noise ratio of 54 dB (F4/2000lx, minimum illumination, .35 lx), 1,000 TV lines of resolution and 16-axis color matrix control for precise camera “painting” and matching. Audio input and embedding is also available via a switchable, stereo MIC/LINE input.

An optional upgrade will be available in July 2015 that will add production-quality, full HD streaming, USB-video capabilities, and in-camera HD recording to the cameras’ capabilities.

The HE40S/H cameras incorporate the IP/serial/web control system used in Panasonic’s AW-HE60 series cameras. IP, RS-422, RSN/A232C in/out interfaces are included, and a built-in web-server enables both browser control and IP-live preview and setup of up to 16 cameras. Serial and IP control is available using Panasonic’s AW-RP50N, AW-RP120G controllers and AK-HRP200G paintbox, as well as appropriately programmed systems from Crestron, AMX, Winnov, and other manufacturers. A new freeze-during-preset function can be enabled to store and display a video still-frame during preset recall and camera movement to improve the viewer experience during rapid on-air moves or in single camera use.

IP monitoring is displayed in 16:9 at up to 30fps in VGA (640 x 480) and QVGA (320x240) using either M-JPEG or H.264 encoding. Multi-view monitoring of up to 16 cameras in a single Browser window is available in M-JPEG mode only. Remote IP-live video monitoring of HE40 series cameras is also available on mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Android tablets and phones.

The cameras deliver many HD signal formats, including 1080/59.94p/50p (HE40H only),1080/59.94i/50i,1080/29.97p/25p, 1080/29.97PsF/25PsF, and720/59.94p/50p.

Other key features include three-step gamma correction and seven-step chroma level adjustment for exceptional creative control, up to 100 pre-set memories for rapid and precise shot recall, an electronic shutter with synchro scan, and built-in tally light for remote studio use. The cameras’ included ceiling mount attaches with a turn-lock mounting mechanism. The HE40 series cameras can also be used with Panasonic’s optional outdoor housings.