Panasonic Develops New Version of D-5 Recorder

Panasonic is coming out with a new version of its AJ-HD3700 D-5 recorder, called the AJ-HD3700B. The new version supports international HD standards, including 24-, 25- and 30-frame HD recording, as well as 625 PAL and 525 NTSC recording.

The AJ-HD3700B uses 10-bit recording and 4:2:2 samples for standard definition, and 74.25 MHz luminance and 37.125 MHz sampling for HD formats. The recorder features timecode enhancements, and can record and playback in the 1080/23.98P and 1080/24P formats. The unit also includes Panasonic's AJ-UDC3700 format converter for conversion to any standard video format.

In addition to the formats mentioned above, the AJ-HD3700B also records in 1080/50I and 720/59.94P. Maximum record time is 149 minutes, depending on the format. The unit has a list price of $99,000, including the AJ-UDC3700 format converter.