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Panasonic Announces New Videotape Product

Panasonic AMQ-Series Advanced Master Quality tape Panasonic Broadcast has added two new products to its line of video recording media, the new AMQ-Series Advanced Master Quality tape for HDV, DV and DVCAM users; and the PQUS-Series Professional Quality Pro DV tape for miniDV applications.

Panasonic says that the new products were developed exclusively for the U.S. market and that both provide significant performance enhancements.

The AMQ tape incorporates Panasonic's "Super Advanced Metal Evaporation" technology, which promises four times the magnetic density of earlier products. The company claims a 1.2 dB greater output than produced by similar tapes. AMQ tapes also feature an enhanced dry lubricant and a surface film treatment that enhance the durability of the product under high-speed shuttling and freeze-frame conditions.

The PQUS miniDV product features Panasonic's "Advanced Metal Evaporation" technology, said to promote optimal tape-to-head contact and provide high output level, as well as an enhanced level of durability.

Common to both new products is a rugged ABS resin shell construction that resists warping and provides extra protection from accidental impacts. The cassettes also feature an anti-static lid for repelling dust and other outside agents which could produce video dropouts.