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Pace Micro unveils CableCARD products, Miami HD

Pace Micro Technology has introduced its new family of CableCARD products, including CableCARD versions of the Tahoe HD DVR and Vegas SD DVR, as well as its newest CableCARD set-top box, the Miami HD.

As an extension to the HD Pace product family, Pace's Miami DC757X HD host set-top box can be deployed as a standalone non-DVR product, or subscribers can add DVR capability through the external Serial-ATA hard disk drive port.

The box supports both legacy OOB signaling and Advanced DSG signaling via the built-in DOCSIS 2.0 modem. Additionally, it has an Ethernet switch that allows for Internet access connectivity included as standard. The Miami HD set-top is a flexible and cost-effective option for HDTV homes.

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