Optibase Unveils New Streaming Products

Optibase Ltd. showcased a range of video streaming systems at IBC 2002

The MGW 2400 is a high-density, multichannel Microsoft Windows Media video encoding and streaming server. It is designed to compress and stream (multicast or on-demand unicast) up to six Windows Media-compliant streams and is targeted at the enterprise and residential markets for low-bit-rate applications. When combined with a Windows Media Player, MGW 2400 enables the streaming of TV to desktop PC users for applications such as Business TV. Broadband Internet Service Providers will be able to deploy the MGW 2400 for streaming entertainment channels over DSL to home PCs.

Optibase has also integrated its encoding and streaming platforms with streaming products from InfoValue. The combination of the MGW 2000 platform with InfoValue's embedded player creates a system for live streaming and playback of on-demand video over a corporate LAN for applications like Business TV.

Optibase is also showcasing its MGW 5100, a TV streaming platform designed to enable carriers to deliver "triple play" communication services composed of voice, video and data by streaming TV over an existing copper infrastructure. MGW 5100 encodes and transcodes up to 24 live TV channels and performs digital turnaround of tens of additional DVB inputs over the carrier's IP/ATM network.