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Optibase Debuts New MediaPump Multiplexers

Optibase Ltd. has made available its third-generation MediaPump family of PCI-based, open-system Digital Video Broadcast transport stream multiplexer products. MediaPump is designed to provide high-performance MPEG-2 transport stream processing capabilities for applications such as video-on-demand, ad insertion and iTV.

The system connects PCI-based video servers to an array of MPEG-2 multiplexer, encoding and transmission equipment so it can serve as a gateway for integrating end-to-end digital video systems. It also offers MPEG-2 transport stream processing including high-performance multiplexing and patented MediaSplice technology, which enable seamless real-time splicing and multiplexing of single program transport streams into a multiprogram transport stream. Multiple MediaPump boards can be installed in the same server; combining this with its on-board transport stream processing, the MediaPump can scale to the needs of intensive video applications.

The products are available in the following configurations:

* Dual-channel, with one DVB-ASI output and one DVB-ASI input;
* Quad-channel, with four DVB-ASI outputs and no DVB-ASI inputs;
* Four DVB-ASI inputs and no DVB-ASI outputs;
* Three DVB-ASI outputs and one DVB-ASI input;
* A MediaPump with Irdeto DVB Scrambling (ETSI ETR-289).